Anti-circumcision Rensburg my ally

Dear editor,
I THANK God for having a person who has a heart and vision for Africa.
I was reading the August 27, 2014 edition of the Daily Mail on circumcision.
The author, Mr Fanie Jase Van Rensberg, condemned this exercise because it has some terrible consequences.
I support this man on the issue of circumcision because he is trying to wake us up and open our minds so that we should watch out and be careful.
Two billion young African women have died because of the use of family planning tablets.
Cervical cancer is on the increase among young women because of the use of other methods of family planning such as condoms, which will affect reproduction in these women. They will not have children!
Thirty years from now, young children who have been circumcised will not be able to reproduce because of loss of libido.
I praise Mr Van Rensberg, who is trying to awaken Africa and protect the human race, especially Africans.
Foreigners are bringing all kinds of ideas in the name of fighting this or that disease, but their ultimate goal is to wipe out Africa.
So let us be careful my fellow Africans. Let us be circumcised by faith, and not by flesh.