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Youthful Living with PASTOR MOYO M
LIFE is like a multiple choice examination were each question has three parts namely; the stem which is the question, destructors which are wrong options and the key which is the correct answer.
In a scenario where destructors and key are lined up as abc c and d it means that they are three destructors and one key.
This means they are more possibilities of getting it wrong than getting it right.
Just like marks are as high as the right keys one identified, the quality of life is determined by the right choice made.
Unlike the one key per question in an examination, life issues may have several right approaches.
Like I said in one of the columns, we all enter into battles of decision making on daily basis in a world that offers various options to handle issues that come our way.
In a world where it is commonly believed that there is no absolute truth but there are truths, each option at our disposal seem to provide the right or best solution to the puzzle of life at hand.
What is common between choices in an examination and life in general is that, right a decision requires proper analysis.
I realise with regret, that even some decisions are regrettable after seeing the consequences of actions but at a point of their conclusion they are deemed right.
Even what may be termed as the worst evil act is as a result of what the doer perceived as the right decision at the point of act.
Some decisions are made out of fear, worries, emotions, feelings and other people’s influence.
It is for this reason that the world emphasises on following the heart. Some people later regret their actions or speech, because they have adversely affected their and other people’s future as they were trying to follow their hearts.
Many evil acts have been done as a way of following the heart. This proves that our hearts can deceive us hence not worthy trusting. To be continued.
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