‘Ama Facts’ with ‘More Grace’

Emmie Routes.

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GOSPEL artiste Christ Emmie Routes, formerly called Emmie Routes, who revamped his song Ama Facts to Jesus Is the Fact, is done with his follow-up gospel album which he has titled More Grace.

The singer, who was born Emmanuel Chirambo, says More Grace, which has already been recorded, is more of his appreciation of God’s grace.
With songs such as Forgiveness, Just Confess, New Testament, Ubusuma and Nilisa Mukasuka, Emmie says his music has since found favour from God in addition to his new found faith.
He has also added Judge Not, King of Kings, Shin’ganga, Ndekako, Mulebomba and a remixed version of Chiwa Tatemenwe to the album, which was recorded at Ndola’s X-Bluster Entertainment and produced by Artson Mumba (Dr), because of its message of transformation in his life.
His first gospel album entitled Jesus is the Fact released in 2010 was a compilation of 12 tracks.
With songs such as Mube Lesa Wandi, Chiwa Tatamenwe, Imitima and the title track, Jesus is the Fact was quite the opposite of his Ama Facts.
Other songs such as Ninshitanshi, Showering Blessings, Lesa Ekowaba, Come to Me, Lord of Mercy, Weshifwe and Musende, all resonated with those who followed his conversion to Christianity.
For close friends of Emmie, it is the song Chiwa Tatemenwe (the devil was not happy) which really showed his connection to his Creator
Meanwhile, Emmie says since he become a born again Christian, he has dedicated much of his time to production of music and doing works that are meant to advance the work of God.
“I did not go into gospel music for money but to serve God. For me, I have seen the grace of God in my life,” says Emmie, a former Buseko Primary and Mukobeko Secondary School pupil. He completed his high school in 1994.
After school, the fashion designer and visual artiste had also ventured into a botched goods and supplying business.
On secular musicians who decide to become gospel singers, Emmie advises them to first of all develop a relationship with God in order to understand the importance of gospel music.
“If you go into gospel music to make money, you will be disappointed. First of all, you have to give your life to Jesus, just as he Bible demands that we should seek the Kingdom of God all things we desire shall be added unto us, ” he said.
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