Allow free campaign, directs Kanganja


INSPECTOR-GENERAL of Police Kakoma Kanganja (right) has directed all police commissioners in provinces where by-elections will soon take place to allow political parties to

hold their preparatory meetings and campaigns freely.
Mr Kanganga, however, said in a statement yesterday that such meetings and campaigns should be conducted within the provisions of the Public Order Act and other pieces of legislation.
“Police commissioners are further advised to inform regulating officers and all other officers under their command not to use provisions of the Preservation of the Public Security Act number 112 to impede the forthcoming by-elections,” he said.
Mr Kanganja urged political parties to ensure that they conduct their activities peacefully and abide by the provisions of the Public Order Act, which requires them to notify the police on their intended activities as this will enable officers to plan effectively and put in place necessary security measures.
“Political party leaders in respective areas must avail their planned activities to relevant regulating officers to enable them to plan in advance,” he said.
Mr Kanganja said it is the responsibility of all political party leaders to monitor and regulate the conduct of their members to ensure that all activities are conducted in a peaceful and violence-free environment.
“I am sending a strong warning to all those who would want to deliberately ignore provisions of the law that we shall not tolerate any lawlessness. We will arrest and prosecute all those found wanting,” he said.
Mr Kanganja said security, peace and stability of the nation are a collective responsibility of all citizens.

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