Allow for campaigns

Soccer Review with KELVIN KACHINGWE
THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) appears to be at pains to convince all and sundry that the distribution of kit to lower division clubs is not a campaign tool ahead of the March elective annual general meeting.
It is a point FAZ president Andrew Kamanga belaboured to explain on Sunday at Solwezi Lodge in Solwezi where he addressed a provincial workshop for football administrators from North-Western Province.
He said: “Suddenly, the distribution of equipment is perceived to be an election agenda and yet it has got nothing to do with elections. It was a [FAZ] council decision, it was a policy decision that we support all the lower division teams with equipment support in form of footballs and jerseys.”
There is nothing wrong in implementing a policy decision. There is also nothing wrong in Kamanga using the occasion to explain some of the successes his executive has achieved and to canvass for support ahead of the elections.

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