Allocate more resources for suppliers, retirees

Dear editor,
I AM appealing to the government to bend allocation rules for the 2015 national budget to clear outstanding payments to government suppliers and retirees from ZCCM and parastatal companies, defence and security wings and indeed all civil servants.
There will be no inflation. Instead, the gross domestic product will grow significantly because nowadays Zambians are serious with investing in economic activities.
This will lead to economic development. In fact this will be in line with the Patriotic Front’s pro-poor policies.
Suppliers and retirees need relief from the poverty that has broken up homes and marriages.
Some of these people have failed to send their children to school, forcing the young ones to turn to harmful activities such as prostitution, baby dumping, drug abuse and many other vices.
I am appealing to the media and the civil society to support this suggestion so that the government can allocate more resources towards the dismantling of the outstanding payments to government suppliers and retirees.