‘Allocate more to social sectors’

THE Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR) says as Zambia celebrates its 52nd Independence Day, there is need for the country to ensure that adequate funding is allocated to social sectors to stimulate inclusive growth.
CSPR executive director Kryticous Nshindano said to achieve economic freedom, it is important that certain mechanisms are put in place to reduce poverty.
Mr Nshindano said in an interview on Friday that, despite Zambia making fiscal strides in the past, concerted effort by various stakeholders is key in accelerating growth and fighting poverty, which will result in economic freedom.
“In as much as the country got political freedom, the need for economic well-being for the citizens is equally important..It is very important to be politically free, because out of that freedom comes economic and social independence, and that is where the challenge lies for Zambia now.
When you are able to provide for the people they will proudly sing under the flag of Zambia and say I am free and I have political and economic emancipation,” he said .
He said there is need to restore the country economically by providing enough safety nets for majority Zambians.
“Let the colours of the national flag and anthems have true meaning for the citizens. When you look at the colour orange, for instance, on the national flag which symbolizes wealth that comes from copper, it should translate into actual [wealth] and human development,” Mr Nshindano said.
Mr Nshindano also said Government should ensure that there are sufficient safety nets to ease on cost of living for the vulnerable in society as it undertakes fiscal measures.

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