Alliance Française awards young talent


THANDIWE Yamba, Musenga Katongo, the TDG Movement, Primrose Chupa and Praise Kanganjo were last week awarded with K3,000 for emerging winners at the first Alliance Française of Lusaka Talent Show.
The talent show featured competitions in art, music, spoken word, dance and theatre.
Thirteen-year-old Thandiwe was the winner in music, Praise – drama, TDG Movement – dance, Musenge – spoken word and Primrose – art.
“We received 238 applications from a public call out placed on our Facebook page and interestingly 158 of these were for the music category. It wasn’t an easy task because there is some great talent out there and videos sent in notably made us realize that,” Bright Nyirenda, four year student at the University of Zambia who was part of the team coordinating the talent show, said.
“But we still had to trim the list down to something manageable, so we called up 70 people for auditions.”
After auditioning the shortlisted, the number was again reduced to 25 participants who had to receive coaching from trainers under the guidance of the Alliance Française, which has been instrumental in creating cultural and social engagements in the last few months.
“Our vision for the next few years regarding the cultural policy is to transform the Alliance Française of Lusaka into a platform able to find talents, giving them visibility and make them interact and create,” Alliance Francaise director Naïl Muniglia said.
“In that matter, the 2019 “Talent Show” is a new concept that must be repeated next year in a bigger/better way.”
Muniglia noted that Zambia has a lot of talent and it is important to recognise and develop it.
“We want you to be your best and show your best. Stand out and give us all you have, because you have come this far, so we know you are the best,” he told the participants earlier.
“Not so long ago, I was like each one of you. I had to perform and I did. So I know exactly how you feel, and will just ask that you have fun.”
The judges included filmmakers Jessie Chisi, Benjamin Silungwe, Muniglia and Alliance Francaise deputy director Christelle Terra.
Chisi also doubled as a coach alongside Becky Ngoma in drama and theatre. Queen Sheba was the coach in the spoken word while saxophonist and music consultant Mutemwa Cymbala helped in music.

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