Letter to the Editor

Alleged mistreatment at VisionFund Zambia?

Dear editor,
‘WE’ WANT to bring to your attention the ‘mistreatment’ of ‘employee[s’] at VisionFund Zambia (VFZ) by its principals. VFZ is a subsidiary of World Vision and is headed by bosses who have adopted a habit of mistreating employees and disrespecting the labour laws with impunity. Staff are overworked and underpaid. Leave days are not properly managed. ‘Employees’ have complained repeatedly to the human resource manager but to no avail as this office is toothless and does not represent the affairs of the employees.
Employees are also dismissed anyhow and oftentimes without valid reasons. Employees have suffered for too long. Enough is enough. We are appealing to the Government to intervene in this matter.

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