Alice-Mulo goes online ‘without a face’

WITH the physical exhibition spaces virtually crippled with the prevailing social distancing phenomenon, local artist Alice Mulombwe Muyambo aka Alice-Mulo currently working in South Africa has opened an exhibition online.
The winner of second prize in the painting category at the 2019 Oscar of African Creativity Award held in Cairo, Egypt is famed for her digital photographic paintings.
To create the ongoing online-exhibition dubbed “I am without a face”, Alice collaborates with South African author Bontle Moabi and Malawian illustrator Vera Mlia.
“The essence of this exhibition is to bring awareness on mental health and its diversity,” Alice says.
“I have teamed up with an illustrator from Malawi who advocates for mental health awareness and an author from South Africa who shares her personal experience surrounding mental health.
Her life experiences are a testament to how heart break, loss and tragedy can steer someone into their purpose.
“I am without face boarders on the need for society to stop the stigma and help to change the perception of mental
The concept of the exhibition is anchored from a poem “I am without a face” which Alice authored to express her personal views on mental health.
She outlines the need to better understand mental health and spread awareness as well as bringing a stop to stigma and changing the stereotype narrative that surrounds mental health.
The works featured in the exhibition expresses the abstractions of anxiety and other issues surrounding mental health from the affected person’s point of view.
Alice’s works are tagged with captivating titles inviting the viewer to search through her skillfully created abstract visual compositions.
Take for instance a work dubbed “Abstractions of Anxiety”, it is a complete black and white abstract digital painting composited with random shades of grey, juxtaposed with systematic motifs.
In another piece titled Echoes, the aggression of the abstract ambiance gets intense. Alice adds some brown colour from the bottom, which glows into a golden pigment as it projects upwards and a face can be seen disguised in the splatter.
Other featured works in the show are “Words had Eyes”, “Distortion of Realities”, “Consumed”, “Crucified”, “Limbo”, “The Peace Within”, “Soul Searching” and “Faceless”.
The rest are “Free Me”, “Isolation”, “Lifeless”, “Bondage”, “The Silent Cry”, “Suspended|, “In the Shadows” and “The Unspoken Words”.
The body of works can be seen to caution the fact that mental health knows no race, age nor gender. The works highlight that anyone can be a victim and as such we all have a role to play in changing the stereotype narrative towards mental health.
The show also expresses the unspoken emotions and the mental health struggles that sometimes go undetected.
Ultimately, the exhibition which is anchored on www.iamwithoutaface.org effectively addresses issues surrounding mental health and related challenges that are usually faced in isolation.
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