Alendo Travel partners to empower local farmers

WITH the vast unexploited resources in Zambia, there is need to promote agriculture through tourism by connecting local farmers to agricultural expertise for them to acquire knowledge and skills on how to develop a resilient sector.
To this effect, Alendo Travel Tours and Car Hire has partnered with an Israeli-based company, Vered Hasharon Travel Tours to link Zambian farmers with their Israeli counterparts in knowledge transfer in agricultural development.
Alendo Travel Tours and Car Hire director Maria Phiri said despite Zambia having all the natural resources, agricultural development still remains low, as most small-scale farmers lack the know-how on how to manage their business.
Mrs Phiri said in an interview on Tuesday that Zambians should take advantage of vast international market opportunities by growing various surplus crops that have high demand in the region.
“In Zambia, we are blessed with all the natural resources and good climatic conditions, but when you look at Israel, which is a desert, with no good soils and with little water, it has a well-established agriculture sector… I saw this opportunity on how we can link our local farmers to those of Israel through tourism to enable them share knowledge and skills,” she said.
Mrs Phiri said Zambia has the potential to produce food for the entire southern African region and globally with a well-managed and exploited agriculture sector with strong linkages.
In a separate interview, Vered Hasharon Travel Tours tour operator Naama Vered said they will work to address some of the challenges that Zambia is facing to develop it through the transfer of knowledge and skills.
Ms Vered is, however, optimistic that the partnership with Alendo Travel Tours and Car Hire will help boost Zambia’s agriculture sector as Israel has a number of well-established and experienced farmers in various sectors.

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