Letter to the Editor

Airtel, Zamtel 8383 GCE Platform a let down

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to express my disappointment with Airtel and Zamtel.
I am a candidate who sat for the 2018 GCE Grade 12 examination.
I sent my details to both service providers via phone to 8383 GCE platform to check for my Grade 12 results electronically.
I started with Zamtel, I texted them three times and never got a response.
I switched to Airtel.
Texted them five times, no response and yet both service providers debited my airtime for the service.
The responses I got when I called both service providers was that my issue was being worked on and sorted within 24hours but they never responded.
I followed it back, still to no avail.
I went an extra mile and wrote an email to Airtel customer service of which the person who responded to my mail said I should not reply back via mail.
I can’t be waiting for my results for over a month.
8383 GCE platform for checking Grade 12 results is supposed to be the easiest, fastest and convenient way of checking the results but Airtel and Zamtel have offered nothing but frustrations over this new technology.

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