Airtel embarks on recruitment of money agents

TO ENHANCE access to affordable and appropriate financial services across the country, Airtel Zambia has embarked on a recruitment of Airtel money agents to upscale financial inclusion in unbanked areas.
Currently, financial inclusion levels have increased from 37.9 percent in 2009, to 59.3 percent in 2015 due to a significant number of adults using electronic payment and money transfer services.
Airtel head of money Christopher Chileshe said Airtel money is one of the many products complementing Government efforts in achieving economic inclusion in the country.
Mr Chileshe said the firm is currently working with banks, insurance companies and other business entities to deliver banking services through the electronic value (E-value) to all parts of the country, especially the rural areas, at affordable prices.
Speaking in an interview last week, he said Airtel money has evolved over the years since its inception in 2009 with over 1,700 agents country-wide.
Mr Chileshe said the organisation will continue promoting products that help boost socio-economic activities in the country.
“Over the years, the Airtel money campaign has gone through a lot of transitions with a 39 percent growth and we are working on a lot of procedures to streamline the process [of subscription to enable more people to benefit from this service],”he said.
Mr Chileshe said utilising the E-value will reduce the risks involved in transporting cash from banks to various destinations that may tend to be insecure.

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