Airtel to construct 28 cell sites

AIRTEL intends to construct 28 new cell sites in various parts of the country at a cost of US$11.78 million.
The company says the project has been prompted by the demand for telecommunication by the public, growth of the population and the economy.
Under the project, Airtel will be installing antennas and electronic communications equipment on the 119 existing cell sites across the country as well as improve the quality of its services.
This is according to the Airtel environmental impact statement (EIS) report submitted to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency and obtained by the Daily Mail yesterday.
“Airtel proposes to construct 28 new cell sites located in various parts of Zambia, with 16 of those in Lusaka, and the balance spread across the rest of the country.
“The proposed total investment for this “project” is US$11.78 million. The objectives of the proposed project is to promote and improve telecommunications network services to Airtel customers through constructing new and additional cell sites across the country,” the report reads.
The report says the growth of Zambia’s economy is partly driven by the communication sector among other industries.
Other sectors that need efficient and reliable communication to function efficiently are mining, transport, construction, banking, tourism and manufacturing.
The sites will have equipment rooms, outdoor units, generator sets, fuel tanks, standby battery pack and communications tower.
The other objective of the project is also to provide employment opportunities for the skilled, semi-skilled and casual workers through direct and indirect job opportunities, as well as contribute to poverty reduction in the country.
The implementation of the project will also contribute revenue to Government and the Local Authority through payment of corporate taxes, rates and personal levy.
On the negative impact, Airtel has through the EIA report proposed environmental and socio-economic impact management measures to mitigate the impact on the environment and surrounding communities.

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