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Agribusiness good for growth

AGRICULTURE is the mainstay of economic activity in Central Province

THE Young Emerging Farmers Initiative (YEFI) has urged youths to venture into agribusiness to supplement Government’s efforts in addressing unemployment in the country.
YEFI executive director Mathew Ntabo said youths should take it upon themselves to venture into lucrative ventures such as agribusiness that do not only empower them but also create employment.
Speaking in an interview in line with the commemoration of this year’s Youth Day dubbed ‘Zambian youth; generation unlimited’, Mr Ntabo said agribusiness should not be perceived as an activity for the elderly.
“Many young people tend to shy away from agribusiness when weighing career choices. As the conventional belief goes, agriculture means an archaic lifestyle with limited opportunities for youth,” he said
He said youths are capable of succeeding in agriculture better than the elderly as they are more energetic.
Mr Ntabo said this year’s Youth Day should be used to reflect and plan on activities that create employment and also reduce poverty in Zambia.
He said agriculture is up to four times more effective than other sectors in reducing poverty.
“Globally, countries are counting on agriculture to produce more nutritious food and improve the livelihoods of a booming population, especially the poor,” he said.
Mr Ntabo said evidence shows that agriculture provides youth a viable way to harvest success and grow a sustainable future.
“I believe youth can excel in agriculture and should choose agriculture, it’s critical to the future of development as it can be a gold mine for young entrepreneurs,” he said.
Mr Ntabo said agricultural research needs young brains hence the need for youths to explore it.
He commended Government for diversifying the economy to include agriculture adding that the move has motivated youths to go into agribusiness.
Mr Ntabo called for concerted efforts in addressing the challenges that make agriculture unattractive so that once solutions are found they can build on the momentum that is developing among youths.

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