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Afunika, “the eye of an eagle”, at it again

LIKE the Zambian eagle targeting its prey on its full flight, social commentary singer, Afunika aka “eye of an eagle”, returned to Lusaka for an unaccomplished mission.
The Chimusebo singer (with JK), was simply at it again at Paddy Blues Sports Café, for the second time, having been there four months ago. And the fans seem to adore him even more!
With a chain of hits such as Wounded Buffalo, Easy Goer, Ka Dj, which features Chef 187 and Alilowa filling the café, Afunika was simply unstoppable!
Even when tasked to repeat a song, he calmly obliged but typical of an eagle’s eye, he spotted the many fans who also wanted to sample his new deliveries.
And the songs kept flowing almost at will and this time, a couple of his dancing “queens”, one of them a “king” mesmerised fans with his waist-wriggling style.
Born Frank Chirwa in Chingola, Afunika has brought to the music industry what he calls the “new version of Kalindula music” and it is a master piece!
Whether he was singing his collaborated song titled Mami Niuze with Macky II or hitting out some fine notes with his six-year-old Malinso, Afunika is simply a darling to many.
In short, on stage, he was free to do what he loves and enjoys – singing and dancing and when he went acapella on his beloved Free To Mingle song, the house joined in unison.
As free as an eagle in mid-air flight, Afunika also drew his fans closer to the stage with songs such as Baya, Ichiselema and Nchetekela.
A product of Bravo Records, the house which has unleashed the likes of Tommy D, Chiko Wise, Macky II, Baska Baska, Afunika is a true revelation of new Zambian singers.
By mid-night, the scores of music buffs who had thronged Paddy Blues Sports Café continued to enjoy his social commentary songs as they sung along.
Reason being that Afunika was still offloading his endless package of hits, including the adorable Darling, his duet with Kawizo on Chitoi-tomato and the controversial, Tefumo Lyandi.
By this time, cameras kept flashing and this made the night even brighter!
“We need more of this,” quipped, one reveller said at about 02:00 am.

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