Letter to the Editor

African Development Fund students in raw deal?

Dear editor,
WE THE students who have been sponsored by the African Development Fund at Northern Technical College in Ndola have not been receiving quality learning since our lecturers downed tools.

It’s now one month and a week. They say the sponsors (or funders) have not paid money to the college, through the Ministry of Higher Education. Some of us are writing our final TEVETA exams in November-December 2017 but to our surprise, management has been mute about it.
Management has taken up lecturing and I am afraid we are going to fail because in the automotive course, some managers who are now lecturing us can’t even start an engine.
We are always subjected to learning theory rather than practicals.
Even our timetable has drastically changed from the way we started. From electrical and mechanical, it’s the same story.
These so-called managers have failed us. Instead of engaging in dialogue with the lecturers, they have taken up responsibilities which they cannot handle.
We are appealing to the Ministry of Higher Education, who allowed this programme to commence, to intervene so that these lecturers are paid in full and subsequently get back to class.

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