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Africa Directions takes boys in mentorship programme

ZAMBIA’S ambassador to Angola Lawrence Chalungumana addressing youths during a young men’s mentorship programme last w. PICTURE: AFRICA DIRECTIONS

AFRICA Directions is concerned that boys may lag behind because so much emphasis has been placed on developing the girl child. As a result, the organisation has started conducting mentorship programmes for young men to build their confidence and unlock their leadership potential.
Last week, the organisation, which is based in Mtendere township conducted training for 30 male youths between 16 and 26 years, who were mentored by Zambia’s Ambassador to Angola Lawrence Chalungumana, Africa Directions executive director Mark Chilongu and Africa Directions volunteer Chola Lungu, among others.
Speaking during the mentorship programme, Ms Lungu said the continued neglect of young men has undermined their potential to excel.
“The young men are being neglected because we assume all boys become good men without mentorship but they too need to be mentored like girls,” she said.
Ms Lungu also called for teamwork among the youths.
And Mr Chalungumana called on the youths to position themselves for the future by acquiring skills and have the drive to succeed regardless of their status in society.
Mr Chalungumana, who was raised by a single mother in one of Lusaka’s high density areas, said poverty should not prevent youths from succeeding.
“Instead of going to the bar, one should look at activities that will improve his life,” he said.
He also urged the young men to keep away from drugs and alcohol if they are to achieve their dreams.
And Mr Chilongu advised the young men to be wary of the company they keep because some friends may lead one astray.

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