Afex eyes to inject $600m in agro

BELARUS firm Afex Group of Companies is considering to invest US$600 million in agriculture and municipal equipment as part of the company’s goal to transfer technology into Zambia.
Afex Group of Companies’ director general Oleg Vodchits said the company intends to invest in Zambia.

“Depending on interests of the parties, the total value of the projects may amount to US$500-600 million. The projects are not limited to sales of the machinery.
For instance, in case of garbage removal from the cities, we offer a full chain of machinery and equipment – from garbage collection to its storage, disposal and conversion to electricity [biomass],” Mr Vodchits said in response to a press query.
Afex is one of the major companies in Belarus involved in production and supply of machinery for agriculture, mining, transportation of various cargoes, passenger transportation, construction, garbage removal and other municipal-related projects.
Mr Vodchits said the company is also exploring possibilities of setting up a tractor assembling plant although he could not provide more details.
Belarus, which was part of the former Soviet Union and the industrial hub of the soviet states, still boasts of industries producing equipment for agriculture, mining and other sectors and has been opening its doors for trade with Zambia and other African countries.
Mr Vodchits said the company takes keen interest in establishing partnerships with the public and private sector in Zambia to drive the country’s agricultural and economic transformation programmes.
“Currently, we are working on projects pertaining to delivery of machinery and technologies for agriculture, municipal works [garbage removal from the cities and territories] as well as for transportation of various cargoes,” he said.
He added: “we would love to inform you on our readiness to work upon any project in Zambia, including even the most complicated and sophisticated one.
“Our specialists are fully equipped to arrive any time to extend our aid regarding the projects where we have extensive experience and whose materialisation is of paramount importance.”



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