Advantages of many satellite TV service providers?

Dear CCPC, I have observed that there are some new satellite TV channels that have come on board this year. Please educate me on the advantages of having many pay TV stations in a small country like Zambia. Please help me understand. Thank you. LD
Dear LD,
IT IS always a pleasure to hear from you LD on this important subject. It is a good thing to have more players in a particular sector.
This is because if we have more players selling the same product or service, they will be forced to compete for customers and this, in turn, brings about reduced prices of goods and services, efficiency in delivering and innovation, among other benefits.
By the way, competition is the only tool we can use to have a sustained reduction in prices of any good or service because as companies or businesses compete for customers, they reduce prices and this is the reason why as a Commission we always encourage competition.
Therefore, the more players we have in any given sector of the economy, the more competitive the sector is and the lower the prices of goods and services in that particular sector.
We always encourage new investors or players in any sector, and in this regard, we are very happy that more participants are entering the satellite pay TV market because newcomers will give competition to the old players.
Other than that, new comers will offer alternative choices in terms of channels and bouquets.
In other words, consumers will be able to choose from a number of service providers, and where they are unsatisfied with a particular service provider, they can easily switch to another one.
Now, this brings about consumer satisfaction in service provision because businesses will improve to maintain their clientele.
It is actually a good thing and we hope the new entrants will be able to satisfy the desires of the customers in terms of their content and general service provision.
We hope this information will be helpful to you.
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