Adopt resilient value chains, SNV tells farmers


SNV, a Netherlands development organisation, says smallholder farmers’ need to adopt the resilient value chains product to establish climate resistant farming practices to increase harvests and reduce poverty.
SNV’s resilient value chains product is integrated interventions on the farm, supply chain and government level to create strong and sustainable value chains.
According to the SNV newsletter availed to the Daily Mail recently, more effective and efficient production, processing and distribution of food are necessary to meet an increasing demand due to population and economic growth.
“As SNV, we train smallholders on good agricultural practices through resilient value chain product that will allow farmers to manage their farms as an enterprise while mitigating and adapting to climate change.
“We stimulate and strengthen farmer cooperative that help smallholders to increase economies of scale, provide market information and develop market commitments from traders and processors,” the statement reads.
It says the agricultural value chain systems that are the basis of food production are often stifled by inefficiencies and market gaps which need to be filled.
SNV calls for the need to train smallholder farmers as most of them do not have the knowledge to increase production and adapt to market shocks and climate change.

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