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Administrator aspirant mismanages rentals

THE Matero Local Court has heard how a Lusaka man aspiring to be co-administrator of his deceased brother’s estates was found to have mismanaged money he collected as rentals.
While standing before Senior Court Magistrates Pauline Newa and Lewis Mumba to be appointed as administrator after the death of his elder brother, Kelly Kaumba, 36, of Chipata Township was found with a case to answer after his sister-in-law Josphine Mutentanyama revealed that Kaumba collected K4,500 from her tenants without her consent.
“Your honour, part of the money was meant to be used to pay the children’s school fees, buy books and other necessities to be used at home. As I speak, the children are not in school because the fees have not been paid,” she said.
However Kaumba denied taking the money without Mutentanyama’s consent, saying he took the rentals in question after she gave the house built by his late brother to his family.
“Mutentanyama gave us the house to show compassion to our family. We do not want to get any of the property left by my late brother, all the property belongs to the children,” he said.
Kaumba, who is currently unemployed, demanded for Mutentanyama to hand over his late brother’s clothes, gold chain, bracelet and ring he had left behind as required by tradition.
Passing judgment, the court ordered that all the property left behind by the deceased belonged to Mutentanyama as the surviving spouse and her children.
The court also castigated Kaumba for taking money meant to support the children’s wellbeing and ordered defendant to return the money he had collected as rentals to Mutentanyama.
The court further ordered both families to unite and sort out their differences for the benefit of the deceased’s children.

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