Activists decry dog rights violation

CAROLINE Pearce, chairperson of Lusaka Animal Welfare Society with her dogs which she calls family.

GERSHOM Mwate is a street vendor around Manda Hill in Lusaka, but he is one hawker who earns good money when he cuts a good deal.
Just the sale of one dog earns him about K3,000. In a good week, he sells three dogs and goes home with K 9,000.
After talking to Gershom, I meet another dog vendor who offers me a German Shepherd for K3,000.
He was initially selling the dog for K3,000, but after some bargaining, he comes down to K2, 500.
I ask for documentation for the dog to check its actual lineage and to see if it is vaccinated, he has none, although he insists that it is a pure breed.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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