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‘Why accuse me of witchcraft?

A MAN aged 49, of Mtendere Township has sued his elder brother, his sister in-law and nephew for accusing him of practicing witchcraft.
Appearing before senior Court Magistrate In’gutu Mulenga and senior presiding magistrate Hope Mwila at the Chelstone Local Court was Howard Soko who sued his brother Anderson Soko, 54, his sister-in -law Lillian Soko, 50 and his nephew Kapungu Soko, 25, for calling him a witch.
Howard told the court he was surprised when Anderson instructed him to take three of his epileptic children to a witch doctor that had earlier cured Anderson of epileptic.
Howard said Lilian also told him that she was told by his wife that he (Howard) was behind Anderson’s children’s illness.
“This was the reason why my nephew emphasized I take him to the witch doctor that cured my fits. He later called me a witch and accused me of bewitching him,” Howard said.
Lilian however admitted of being told by Howard’s wife that Howard was behind her three children’s illness.
She said a man of God from Chilenje also confirmed that her three children aged 35, 33 and 25 were under a spell cast by a close family member.
Anderson and Kapungu however denied ever calling Howard a witch.
“I only wanted him to take our three children to a witch doctor who cured him when he had fits. We never called him a witch,” Anderson said.
The court has since summoned the prophet and Howard’s wife to appear before court on July 13, 2015 to give their testimony.

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