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Accidents place major toll on health sector – Mumba

PARLIAMENT heard on Thursday that road accidents place a major social and economic toll on families and the health sector

of the country.
Giving a report of the committee on communications, transport, works and supply, chairperson of the committee Anthony Mumba said accidents add to the loss of lives of economically active people.
“Accidents cause injury to victims and there are costs related to funeral expenses, treatment of accident victims and costs related to the repair of infrastructure and vehicle damages,” Mr Mumba said.
The committee recommended to Parliament widespread and intensified sensitisation of members of the public on the dangers of road traffic accidents and on the importance of adhering to road safety practices.
The committee further recommended the introduction of regulation to curb overspeeding using global positioning system and other information and communication technology monitoring devices.
The committee also undertook a study of the railway sector because Government had assured the nation in 2014 that it would put in place various measures to revamp the railway transport sector so that it could contribute to the movement of bulky goods and thereby preserve the road infrastructure.
“Mr Speaker, following its study, your committee observes that government is still facing challenges in the management of railway transport. Generally, the two railway operators do not have enough rolling stock and track capacity to provide the required services,” Mr Mumba said.
The committee recommended adequate capital injection in the railway sector to ensure that roads remain well maintained with longer lifespans.