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Abused wife refuses reconciliation

AFTER being stuck in an abusive marriage for three years, a housewife of Kitwe has decided to take charge of her life by refusing all attempts by her husband for reconciliation.
Lydia Kunda of Bulangililo township who appeared in the Buchi Local court said she has endured enough physical and emotional abuse from her husband Peter Chileya.
Kunda who was narrating before Local Court magistrate Vincent Sondwapo in a case in which her husband Chileya sued her for marriage reconciliation said she has never been happy in all the years she was married.
“This man is abusive. I have suffered enough humiliation in his home. I have made up my mind to move on with my life without him in it. Our marriage was characterised by constant marital problems that is why I eventually left and went back to my parents’ home,” she said.
Kunda said she was fed up of the marriage and was not prepared to give Chileya another chance to be abusive to her.
“I will not go back to this man. We are done,” Kunda said.
But Chileya pleaded with the court to restore his marriage so that they could take care of their child and live as a family.
“I love my wife and I want her to come back home so that we can take care of our child. We have not lived as husband and wife since December 21 last year when she went to her parents’ home,” he said.
The court dismissed the case saying it would be impossible to reconcile them as Kunda was no longer interested in the marriage.
The court advised Kunda to sue for divorce.

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