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Abused men receive therapy

A FIRST of its kind comfort centre offering therapy to men who suffer gender-based violence (GBV) at the hands of their spouses or partners has been opened in Eastern Province.
The centre, which has a membership of 30 male GBV survivors, has started operating in Lundazi, Lumezi and Kasefu.
Project coordinator Pharaoh Mtonga said the centre has so far counselled 42 GBV survivors whose rights were violated at the hands of their women.
“We are helping to resolve GBV cases among the men who mostly conceal their problems for fear of being perceived as being weak by society,” he said in an interview.
Mr Mtonga said the GBV survivors meet on a regular basis at a meeting dubbed ‘camp fire’ from 18:00 hours to 20:00 hours.
He said the men share their experiences and also try to resolve and heal from their troubled relationships.
Mr Mtonga said one of the notable causes of problems in most cases is high temperament by men, which is mostly sparked by their failure to provide finances to their wives.
“Some of the men accused as being perpetrators of violence are actually victims. It is just that some women misuse the services being offered by Victim Support Units (VSUs) by rushing to the police to report even when they are actually at fault,” he said.
He said most of the men who are victims of GBV are those financially unstable.
Mr Mtonga said some women do not understand when a man does not have money and they mistreat them.
He said the network will roll out their services to other parts of the province to reach out to the men who could be suffering in silence.

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