Letter to the Editor

Absentee contractor can be traced

Dear editor,
I FELT sad when I heard a senior government official in Mwansabombwe complaining on ZNBC TV that a Zambian contractor has abandoned a project for the construction of staff houses.
The official said after being paid the upfront payment for the project, the contractor only did works up to slab level and left the site.
The houses have remained at slab level since 2012, and the contractor has allegedly returned to Lusaka and switched off his phones.
I heard the official complaining that the contractor could not be traced.
This raises many questions in the manner these contracts are awarded and supervised.
How could the council or provincial administration award a contract to a company whose physical address it did not know?
This contractor must have left details at mobile phone service providers for the registration of his phones, and I am sure it would be easy to know where he lives.
Equally the National Council for Construction must have some details on the physical address of the contractor.
I have heard from friends that the same contractor did some work for a commercial bank in Mansa.
Can’t government approach this bank to help trace him?
These and many more questions are begging for answers.
We need to safeguard public resources by strictly monitoring contractors, especially if they have been paid up-front.

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