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Absent husband rejected

NOT being there to sign for her caesarean operation was the turning point for Margaret Zimba, 21, who sued her husband for divorce.
Zimba told the Chelstone Local Court that she was at a point of death when she needed her husband to come to her aid. This was among other things that she has tolerated in their marriage.
Zimba described Billy Zulu, 28, to magistrate Hope Mwila as an uncaring husband.
She also complained that her husband accused her of sneaking men into their home when he was away.
“He tells people that he sent me packing because I committed adultery and that he was no longer in love with me,” she said.
The two got married in September 2014 and have a child together. He paid K4,000 bride price but has an outstanding balance of K2,000.
Zimba told the court that the two have been on separation for two months adding that it was surprising that whenever he sends her packing, he only packs her clothes and not the presents they got from their wedding ceremony every time they differed.
“We have sat down with family and church elders to try and resolve our marital problems but to no avail,” she said.
Zulu, who also admitted not having an enjoyable marriage, however, said he does not want their marriage to end because he still loves his wife.
“Problems in our marriage started after we got married as my wife was never home. She never cooked for me and when I complain, she would pack her belongings and go to her relatives,” he said.
Zulu said his wife has been counselled on several times but she does not change.
He also said Zimba told him that he was not the father of their child adding she has since changed the child’s name from Esther to Rusungu. The child was named after Zulu’s late mother.
Zulu also blamed Zimba’s family for contributing to their marriage failure.
The court, however, adjourned the matter to allow both families to give evidence in the matter.

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