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Abortion is never the solution

Your Family Matters with PASTOR CHANDA
WEDNESDAY July 6, 2016: Today I visited Sandra in hospital. She had almost died from bleeding due to an abortion that she had, but now it looked like the doctors were on top of things and she was going to pull through.
I asked for privacy with Sandra for a few minutes.I wanted to find out from Sandra what exactly had been going on in her mind when she opted to end the life of her own baby growing in her womb when the baby was 100 percent dependent on her.
It is the most unthinkable act that any mother can do to her own baby.
Sandra was like my very own daughter. Her parents knew that, and that was why they could leave the room and give me the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart talk with her. “Why, Sandra, why have you done this to your own little baby?” I asked.
Sandra was very embarrassed about all this, but we finally got talking. She said, “Pastor, I know that what I was doing was wrong. I knew that two wrongs do not make a right. I had already sinned through fornication and I knew that abortion is murder.”
Then Sandra went on to say, “There were two motives that drove me to do this. The first was pressure from my boyfriend. He said that both of us were not in a position to take care of a baby, and he was right. He also added the implications on my education.”
“The second reason,” Sandra added, “was my own shame. Pastor, how was I going to face my parents and people like you who have taught me in all my life about the virtues of sexual purity? I know too much to have become sexually active outside marriage.”
I paused for a moment after Sandra stopped talking. I think we both needed the silence so that we could think seriously about the two reasons that were given. Sadly, they were about everyone else except the baby whose life had been terminated.
The people mentioned were Sandra’s boyfriend, Sandra’s parents, Sandra herself, and me. The act of abortion was meant to keep all of us happy. What about Sandra’s baby? Did the baby in the womb not have a right to be happy too? That was totally forgotten.
I told Sandra a story of my brother who was once given my sister’s refrigerated truck to be delivering perishable goods from suppliers to shops like Shoprite, Spar, Pick and Pay, and so on. My sister put him on a salary and entrusted him with her truck.
When she left the country on business, my brother decided to go to Mongu to buy fish and bring it to Lusaka to quickly sell and then get back to our sister’s business. It was going to be quick cool cash for himself and a little for the driver. Off he went to Mongu!
On his return, the truck broke down in the Kafue National Park. It took days to get a mechanic to fix it and the fish was beginning to go bad. He got a non-refrigerated truck and got the fish into town. He knew he could not sell it due to its smell. What was he going to do?
My brother went to my sister’s home, emptied her deep freezers, and filled them with the fish in the hope that if it became frozen it would stop stinking. At that point, the gate opened and my sister drove in from the airport. My brother ran away to avoid the shame.
By this time in my narrating of this story, Sandra was laughing so much that I feared for her health. The story was hilarious. When she had stopped laughing, she said, “Pastor, I can see my folly in this story. Two wrongs do not make a right. I should have owned up.”
I was glad that Sandra saw the point without me saying the words the prophet Nathan said to King David, “Thou art the man!” When fornication results in a pregnancy, hiding it adds salt to injury. You must admit your wrong to the people you have wronged and to God.
What my brother did was wrong—twice over. He should not have taken the truck to Mongu and he should not have filled my sister’s fridge with rotten fish. But abortion is worse than this. It includes the murder of an innocent baby. Abortion is never the solution!
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