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Abandoned wife sues for divorce

A MAN who moved in with his long-time lover left the wife no option but to seek divorce in the Chelstone Local Court.
Mable Mubanga, 25, of Chelstone Extension said she felt suffocated being in the marriage, especially that her husband even has a child with his girlfriend.
“I no longer love my husband because of his girlfriend, who has destroyed my marriage by bringing endless marital differences,” Mubanga said.
This was heard before senior court magistrate In’gutu Mulenga in a case in which Mable Mubanga sued Biggie Banda, 27, a bar supervisor of Chelstone, for divorce. The two got married in 2009 and have two children together. He paid K3,000 bride price.
Mubanga further said her husband refused to be reconciled with her when she sued him for   reconciliation.
She said the court advised either parties to sue for divorce, and seeing that he was reluctant, she took the step.
Banda, who did dispute choosing his girlfriend over his wife, however expressed remorse over his actions.
“My plan is to send my girlfriend back to her parents this week. Her family sent her away because they disputed my relationship with her,” he said.
The court, however, adjourned the matter saying it could not pass judgment without the presence of Banda’s family.
“There is no way you [Banda] can come to court without any representation. You should ensure that either your siblings or elders come before court before judgment is passed,” the court said.

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