A new generation of Lenshinas

IT IS 10:00 hours in Kasomo village in Chinsali District, and an elderly woman is repeatedly beating a big drum with a stick. It is a call to prayer.
It is the same drum that was used to call people to prayer when Alice Lenshina, a powerful self-proclaimed prophetess and leader of the Lumpa Church, walked these grounds over five decades ago.
As the sound of the drum reverberates across the treed landscape, one by one, the worshippers emerge from their thatched mud houses and gather under young trees.
These are faithful remnants of the banned Lumpa Church. The Church is now called New Jerusalem.
The women, dressed in white, and blue gowns, sit on reed mats while the men sit on logs or wooden stools brought from their homes to the prayer grounds CLICK TO READ MORE

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