A new flower blooms

JAMES sakala.

OVERLY talented musicians James Sakala and Pompi have become the latest prominent artistes to collaborate on a track following the release of Iluba

on Friday.
In the song James Sakala is appreciating a woman who is proud of her heritage and its title originally means ‘Flower’ in Bemba.
Iluba will be added to the deluxe edition of James Sakala’s debut album, Insale and was produced by James Sakala himself at So Good studios.
James Sakala says every single he releases this year will be part of the deluxe edition of his debut album until the release of his second album.
The track carries a beautiful melody which opens with a distinct guitar sound as James Sakala is heard reciting poetry.
His inspiration to write a poem in praise of women came from a friend of his who he says is proud of her Bemba heritage.
“I realised through my friend that there are not enough women who appreciate where they come from, so I decided to write a poem inspired by my friend’s pride in her culture,” James Sakala says. “This is why I am not singing on the song.”
James Sakala insists that people need to return to their roots and to preserve their cultures and authenticity.
Pompi was a deliberate feature on the song because Sakala has always desired the opportunity to work with him and finally got it with the recording of Iluba.
“Pompi simplified the message in the song because I use deep Bemba when reciting the poem so he that everyone can understand,” James Sakala says.
Every new single released by Sakala until his next album will reflect the original theme carried in his debut album, Insale, which he released February this year.