Letter to the Editor

A nauseating experience with an insurance firm

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to express my sickening experience with the thuggery behaviour of a named insurance firm.

I had a vehicle which I sold in 2014 and instructed to halt insurance premiums and indeed they stopped, meanwhile premiums continued on two of my other units.
I recently was involved in an accident and this insurance firm has no shame but to tell me they cannot attend to my claim unless I pay for the missed premiums on the sold unit. Its broad daylight mugging to think that this insurance firm was busy getting premiums every month from me for over two years yet they knew that I was not covered.
What if something bigger had happened? This lack of ethics and professionalism exhibited by a brand of that magnitude is bizarre to say the least.
Please share my experience so that going forward, no one else falls prey to this pilfering of people’s hard earned funds.

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