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A marriage that never was

SHE looked forward to being called Mrs X. Her dream of becoming a wife and starting a family were finally coming to fruition. This is what she had longed for all her life.
The bride price had been paid, chilanga mulilo had been done as well as the bridal shower. What was left was the wedding day to seal it off. She bought the wedding dress long before she met her ‘soul mate’, which demonstrated how optimistic she was that one day, her father would walk her down the aisle and give her away to the man of her dreams.
Two weeks before her wedding day, she began hearing rumours that her fiancé was planning to marry another woman and that he had also paid the bride price. How could that be possible? However, to calm her anxiety she decided to confront him and he adamantly refused and got offended that she could imagine him to do such a thing. His words put a smile on her face and she was again bubbling with confidence.
However, the talk did not go away. This time, her older sister revealed to her that she had received the same information from a reliable source adding that the man in question had started marriage counselling with the other woman. It was a bitter pill to swallow, and upon confronting him, his defence was that his sister-in-law-to-be was jealous because she was still single, a story she believed.
As the wedding day drew closer, the man was irregular in attending rehearsals, he had one excuse after another. The woman was still hopeful and could not see through his lies. A few days before the wedding, the man sent family representatives to inform the other family that he could not go ahead with the wedding. He was not considerate enough to even inform the woman beforehand of his plans. She, together with her family, was devastated. They were emotionally and financially shaken.
The same date that had been set aside was the same date that the man went ahead to marry the other woman. The woman has since shut herself up to relationships and wishes the man had told her from the beginning that what they shared would not amount to anything serious instead of leading her on.
She is bitter and has never forgiven him. She also later found out that the other woman had no idea about what was going on behind the scenes. Clearly, such a man does not know what he wants if he could lead two women on to a point of convincing both that he would marry them.
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