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Untold Profiles With Felix Nyambe
HE is probably known more for the artworks he has done for various leading local musicians than for his music. Yet Fernando Yakobo is also quite adept as a musician.
His notable contributions in music include his production of Ifikunka, a collaboration between Fem Gee and Chef 187; Fem Gee’s Type (featuring Eddie Black); Fem Gee’s One in a Million (featuring Coziem); Fem Gee’s Shake Your Body and Fem Gee and Shady Star Face’s Feeling Love.
Born December12, 1994 in Chingola, Fernando is a graphic designer, photographer and videographer of some repute. Many of his artworks as a photographer and graphic designer feature on a number of songs and album covers for a number of local musicians.
“My journey began in 2015 as a graphic designer; I worked for Zambezi Magic to gain corporate experience and later worked as a creative director for TopStar Zambia,” he says.
In 2016, he was nominated for the Best Graphic Designer at the Zambian Music Awards although he never got to ultimately win the award. But in 2017, Fernando decided to leave TopStar to start up his own media house. He started working as a full- time graphic designer and photographer at his own company called Four Media.
“I have worked on numerous projects with the likes of Chef 187, Roberto, Drimz, Slap D and Pilato,” he says.
Other album cover designs by Fernando are those for T-Sean’s Grateful, Alpha Romeo’s Nothing Has Changed and Damiano’s Monday.
Fernando is known for his photography and graphic designs to create elegant layouts as a way of exploring the beauty of digital art.
“[But] apart from being engaged in the other art forms, I’m also a musician,
paint artist and comedian, and I firmly believe If the sky is the limit, then everything is possible,” he says.
Fernando is Chingola-born and bred. The mining town has in recent years produced the likes of Chiko Wise, Glorious Band, Baska Baska and Afunika, who is riding high with the hit song Pikiti Pikiti Skirt.
Fernando started schooling in 1999 at the Sacred Hearts St Patricks Primary School and later moved to Chingola High School in 2012.
“In 2013, I studied Information Technology (IT) at the Zambia Information and Communications Technology (ZICTA), formerly Zamtel College in Ndola where I graduated in 2015,” he says
Fernando, who is the second born and only male child in a family four, later moved to Lusaka, a move which he says gave him an opportunity to explore his skills as an individual as well as in the corporate world.
He says he took keen interest in drawing and design after learning a few tricks from his mother, who is a tailor. She his inspiration.
“She [used to] ask me to draw and design table cloths for sale,” says Fernando.
His other inspiration of photography came later and he now has his own studio, which produces images for magazines and other social media campaigns.
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