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A leopard never changes its spots…

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
HE WAS charming. The most charming guy she had ever met. Every morning she opened her mail, a message popped up from him reminding her how beautiful she was. This was the trend even before she went to bed; he had a sweet message for her.
She wondered where this man had been all her life. She had forgotten what it meant to be pampered until he came along. To her, life was about work and home, no sweet little nothings from anyone special.
She had found her prince charming. Each day, she looked forward to the day ending so that she could spend her time with him. She had no reason to think otherwise of him. She had found her man and she looked forward to spending the rest of her life with him.
It all seemed too good to be true. She began having doubts about him when his pattern began to change. He was suddenly too busy and would either not pick up her calls or his phone would be off.
Whenever she asked, he would have one excuse after another. She initially believed him but realised that he was a habitual liar. He would always tell one lie to cover up for the next one. One thing she appreciated about him was his generosity, or so she thought.
She went ahead and got married to him hoping to ignore his dishonesty and focus on his positives. She consoled herself that there is no person who is perfect.
The first few months seemed blissful but as the saying goes, a leopard never changes its spots, meaning it’s impossible for one to change character, even if they try very hard.
He began not to spend his money on her, claiming he needed to pump money in a project that would make the family more money. Being gullible, she believed the lies and waited for the big monies to come through but that never happened.
He seemed to have been slipping from a generous man she knew in courtship to a stingy, selfish and self-centred man. She then realised that the short time she knew him was all a lie and the man was pretending, just to win her heart.
Once he got her where he wanted, he could behave in any way he felt like. The two were now married and it was not easy for her to walk away.
Today, she is still struggling to free herself from the marriage. The couple is fighting over custody of the children and the property, most of which she invested in.
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