A glimpse of God’s awesomeness

SINACH on stage.

ACCLAIMED gospel musician, Sinach, led thousands of Lusaka fans in to an awesome music and prayer session during her ‘Way Maker tour’ concert at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka.

In a two-hour performance filled with testimony and music, Sinach shared how she has been inspired by her love for God to rise above trials and tribulations, as the audience urged her on by singing along or praying along as she requested.
“I tell you Zambia, there is no situation so great that God cannot make a way. All you need to do is to trust that God can do anything in his own good time,” Sinach preached before breaking off into the song Way Maker, which is arguably her most famous at the moment.
The singer, who has over 1000 songs to her name, picked out her best and most well-known songs for her Zambian fans.
Songs such I know who I am, He did it again and I stand Amazed rolled off the musician and her teams between stories of encouragement and perseverance as she shared how her life changed from following a path in Physics to gospel music.
Touched by the love she received from her Zambian fans, Sinach took to Facebook to express her gratitude.
‘Zambia tonight was amazing. I think this is one of the meetings that I cry from the beginning to the end of my ministration. Thank you Lord for honouring us tonight. Thank you Zambia,” she posted on her Facebook page.
And a reveller requested her to come for more.
Replying to Sinach Facebook post – Kennedy K Chibwe said: “Thank you ma’am for your ministration tonight. We have shifted levels ma, the presence of our Lord was so tangible. It was awesome we enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you once more.”
However, STARFRANCE ZULU reports that in Ndola, things did not go entirely according to plan for Sinach’s performance at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium where, the First Lady, having waited for far too long, had to leave before the main performance.
Sinach only appeared on stage after 19:00 hours, which was not the promised time.
There was a huge turn-out for her however.
The First Lady must have been looking forward to her performance. Earlier, she took part in performances by MP Nankwe Nankwe, Gabby, Carol Nambela, Musaba, DMK, Francis, Kings Malembe Malembe and David of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
The First Lady danced to the music of almost every supporting artiste that played. The climax of it all in the absence of Sinach was when David and Kings performed a duet. David sang in Lingala while Kings interpreted them in Bemba.
Maybe, there shouldn’t be surprises there.
But the audience was visibly getting agitated with the long delay by Sinach. But when she finally showed up, it seemed like all was forgiven and forgotten.
Christian Arts Promotions (CHAPRO) marketing assistant, Dorcas Chishimba, who was co-directing the show, asked the audience at the end whether they were happy, and the resounding answer was yes.
Later, Dorcas told the Weekend Mail that the event was amazingly successful beyond expectation.
Not everyone will agree with that.
Posting on Facebook, Sinach described her time in Zambia as electric.
“Thank you Ndola Zambia. Thank you her excellence the First Lady of Zambia for showing up!!! It was such an electrifying time in God’s presence,” she said.

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