‘A Family Adventure’ with Chanju Mwanza

CHANJU Mwanza.

A BOOK launch gives a great feeling in one’s literary life where the writer gets to appreciate having to see their work in published form.
The occasion also provides an opportunity to meet friends, stakeholders in the industry and listen to reviews.
Chanju Mwanza last week launched her bilingual children’s book called A Family Adventure, which is complete with aiding illustrations.
At a colourful function held at the Lusaka National Museum, Chanju, who describes herself as a Zambian-British writer, women’s empowerment and pan-Africanist activist, could not suppress her joy.
The book launch was held through a partnership with the Network for Society Transformation (SOTANE), a civil society organisation that mentors young people in various skill sets with leadership and creative writing among them.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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