Letter to the Editor

A case for the failed referendum

Dear editor,
SINCE the release of the results of the unsuccessful referendum on August 22, 2016, there has been a unanimous chorus of regret from all concerned parties and organisations except the UPND and a few of its sympathisers. All international organizations with an interest in the development and well-being of Zambia and its Bill of Rights have told the country of the folly of rejecting the referendum and all that is contained therein.
Unfortunately as Zambians we have been timid and restrained in spelling out the cause of this failure. It is the duty of the press and all informed Zambians to call a spade a spade. It is important for the informed to clearly inform our fellow citizens that this embarrassing failure has been caused by the UPND, and that is the truth.
In its arguments, the UPND told the country that it did not have a quarrel with the intentions of the referendum, and yet in its same breath the UPND pontificated to the nation to reject or destroy referendum ballots, and that is what happened. The UPND cannot have its cake at the same time eating it. It must therefore bear all responsibility and the consequences to the people of Zambia.
Without a sense of remorse or shame, the UPND has come out openly to celebrate the failure of the referendum. The UPND in its usual mind games has been and continues to tell the country that ‘HH will fix it’, really ? Is another referendum expense prospect a sample of what UPND has in store when they come to rule Zambia? whenever that time will be? We shudder to think of the priorities of this once great political party.

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