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MORE often than not, I have heard some teachers tell their pupils that this and that subject is more important than the other.
This, unfortunately, has been wrongly believed by our pupils who end up liking one subject and disliking the other.
Pupils who are not properly guided end up shunning certain subjects because of what teachers tell them.
I strongly believe that all the subjects offered by the Curriculum Development Centre for use in schools have equal importance.
This can be likened to various parts of the human body. All of them play a pivotal role in the complete functioning of the body.
Imagine if one day the mouth refuses to accept what the hand is trying to give it. What would happen?
Similarly, at senior secondary school we have subjects such as biology, mathematics, history, chemistry, physics, geography, home economics, accounts, commerce, religious Education, agricultural science, civic education, Zambian languages, Geometrical and mechanical drawing (GMD) and English Language.
All these are very important to the pupils.
If we look at the new curriculum more subjects have been introduced. All the subjects depend on each other.
For example a Grade 12 school leaver requires passing in six subjects. Although English is included, this does not mean it is more important than biology or history.
Imagine a pupil who just gets a distinction in English but fails these other subjects. It will mean he or she must re-enter for the general certificate of education (GCE) examinations in order to make it to college or university.
The onus is on all teachers, grade or class teachers, and career guidance teachers to give our pupils correct information and discourage them from dropping certain subjects.
Although different courses require certain subjects, one cannot be accepted at college just because that candidate did very well only in those subjects, let’s say biology and mathematics.
Guidance teachers should give pupils correct information as early as possible so that dislike or hatred of certain subjects is avoided at all costs because it is detrimental to the pupils’ future.
Today, it is very common to see several pupils discarding some ‘bad’ subjects upon being misled by certain teachers who are bent on promoting their teaching subject at the expense of others that are equally important.
Parents are also encouraged to educate their children on the need to treat all school subjects as equal in importance.
Parents should not be in the forefront of discouraging their children from taking certain subjects. All are equal.
Once all pupils, teachers and parents understand that all school subjects are vital, learning and teaching will be more interesting because all the pupils will take all allocated subjects very seriously.
The author is a Luanshya based Historian

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