ZACA commends Zambia Bureau of Standards

THE Zambia Consumer Association (ZACA) has commended Government for directing the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZBS) to enhance its activities in scrutinising goods being imported in the country.
ZACA executive director Samuel Simutunda said the bureau does not have to be reminded by the Government to perform its duty.
He said ZBS is not doing a satisfactory job in monitoring goods being imported into Zambia. “ZBS are not doing enough; they are not adequately monitoring imported goods, this is the reason why Government is concerned with the matter,” he said.
Mr Simutunda said the bureau has the mandate to ensure goods are well-scrutinised before being allowed onto the local market. Some of the goods currently being imported are sub-standard and this is because of poor monitoring by the authority.
He said goods like drugs have an effect on people’s lives hence the need to properly check before they are allowed on the market.
Mr Simutunda said some drugs that are imported have instructions in foreign languages, therefore, people cannot effectively use them. ZBS should be on the ground to check the quality of imported goods coming into the country.
He also urged Government to open more ZBS offices in all provincial centres to monitor goods being sold to consumers.

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