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9 months with hard labour for sausage thief

THE Ndola Magistrate’s Court has sentenced a 19-year-old man to nine months imprisonment with hard labour for breaking into a butchery and stealing sausages.
Before magistrate Ben Akende last Wednesday was Abraham Chalwe, who pleaded guilty to breaking into a building and committing a felony therein.
Chalwe told the court when he appeared for plea that he stole seven beef sausages from a fridge in the butchery because he was hungry and needed something to eat.
“I have read the facts and am satisfied that they disclose the offence you are charged with. I sentence you to nine months imprisonment with hard labour with effect from November 8, 2014, the date on which you were arrested,” Mr Akende said.
Chalwe, on November 7 this year in Ndola, broke into Sikaona butchery and stole beef sausages.
In mitigation, Chalwe asked the court to forgive him because hunger is what caused him to steal the sausages.
Facts before the court were that on the fateful day, Mr Frank Sikaona knocked off after securing his butchery  but that around 23:00 hours, he received information that someone had broken into his butchery.
The court heard that he immediately rushed to the butchery and found Chalwe attempting to steal some beef sausages from a freezer.
Chalwe was apprehended and taken to Chipulukusu Police Post.

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