8 North districts poised for bumper harvest

EIGHT out of the 10 districts in Northern Province are expected to record a good grain harvest this farming season because of the quick government intervention against the armyworms that attacked maize fields and timely delivery of inputs, provincial agriculture coordinator Andrew Banda has said.
Mr Banda has, however, said Kasama and Mungwi districts are expected to record a drop because of the non-accessibility of inputs as some e-vouchers have not yet been activated.
He said most of the districts survived the armyworm invasion and that all farmers have received both basal and top dressing fertiliser.
In an interview, Mr Banda said the crops recovered early from the pest attack.
“We expect a fairly good yield in the eight districts of the province apart from Mungwi and Kasama where the e-voucher system is being piloted as most farmers have not yet received fertiliser in these two areas,” he said.
Mr Banda said Mungwi was allocated 15,021 cards but only 8,427 were active by this week.
He also said over 1,847 farmers who registered under the e-voucher in Kasama had not received the access cards.
“So, most of the farmers are still waiting for the inputs in these two districts and this will mean a drop in the yield because this is the time that they should be applying,” he said.
Mr Banda said the local administration is doing everything possible to ensure all the farmers receive the inputs.

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