8 asylum seekers enter Zambia

EIGHT asylum seekers who include four children from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi have entered Zambia through Kaputa district in Northern Province.
The eight, who include a family of five from the DRC and a family of three, from Burundi, have fled their countries due to alleged conflict and economic hardships.
The asylum seekers arrived in Kaputa on Saturday and Sunday evening through Lupiya in Chiengi district of Luapula Province.
One of the asylum seekers from Burundi explained that she came from Bujumbura while those from the DRC said they were from Uvita in Kivu region.
And Kaputa acting district commissioner Alick Kampamba who led a team of government officials to check on the asylum seekers said the eight will first be screened for the Ebola virus disease.
Mr Kampamba said he would consult Northern Province administration and inform the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to verify whether the asylum seekers qualify to be considered refugees.
He said the asylum seekers have been provided with a temporary campsite while authorities are awaiting further guidance.

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