780 fish farmers get training

GOVERNMENT has trained 780 farmers from 2015 to date in various fish farming ventures to boost the growth of the aquaculture sector in Mansa.
Currently, there are 360 farmers in fish farming, 60 in fingeling nursary production and 360 in pass-on management.

Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock co-ordinator for Mansa Mazuba Muzyamba said in a telephone interview that at the moment, the department has distributed 35,000 fingelings to 200 beneficiaries in all six wards of the district.
The department started the programme in 2015 and began distributing fingerings last year.
Mrs Muzyamba said, “Government is also providing start-up feed to the beneficiaries comprising three bags of maize meal and a bag of soya beans cake.
“We distribute fingelings to beneficiaries depending on the sizes of their fish ponds and according to the fisheries regulation under the ministry, which states that minimum stocking is two fingelings per square kilometre.”
She said training is being provided to farmers to enable them to successfully venture into the aquaculture sector and earn income as well as have some fish for consumption at household level.
Mrs Muzyamba said Government was prompted to train farmers in nursary production due to the scarcity of fingelings in Luapula Province.
She said the training has resulted in farmers having adequate supply of fingeling and access at close range.
“Fish farming in the district has enabled farmers to build modern houses and educate their children,” she said.
She urged people in the district to venture into fish farming and that those already practising it should grow it at a large scale to increase income at household level.


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