70,000 mosquito nets distributed

GOVERNMENT has distributed over 70,000 treated mosquito nets to various communities in Chingola to combat malaria.
And the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Heath will next week embark on an indoor residual spraying exercise in Chingola to prevent malaria.
Chingola district community medical officer Charles Sakulanda said in an interview that the insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) have been distributed across the district.
And Mr Sakulanda said Government has recruited 40 personnel to conduct the indoor spraying exercise in the district.
Mr Sakulanda said the spray operators are currently undergoing training.
“We have recruited 40 people who are being trained to undertake the exercise starting next Monday,” he said
Dr Sakulanda said Government aims to completely eradicate cases of malaria countrywide and the district in particular.
“We want to reduce cases of malaria and that is why we are embarking on this spraying exercise,” he said
He said the district usually records an increase in malaria cases during the rainy season, adding that Government has undertaken  the residual spraying exercise as a preventive measure.
Dr Sakulanda appealed to Chingola residents to cooperate with the sprayers during the exercise.
“People should not resist for the spraying officials to access their homes as the spraying is a measure to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes,” Dr Sakulanda said.
Indoor residual spraying is the application of insecticide to the inside of dwellings, on walls and other surfaces that serve as a resting place for malaria-infected mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes die when they come into contact with treated surfaces, preventing disease transmission

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