6,000 men circumcised

From HOPE NYOKA in Chipata
ABOUT 6,000 men underwent circumcision in Eastern Province last month.
And 20,000 men in the province have been circumcised since January, this year, against the annual target of 30,000.
Provincial medical officer Kennedy Malama said the men were circumcised under the Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision programme.
Dr Malama said in an interview that the province had targeted to circumcise about 3,600 men but managed to capture 6,114 during the exercise.
“The month of August was declared as the month of Voluntary Male Circumcision campaign countrywide and as a province we managed to meet our target,” he said.
Dr Malama said since January this year, 20,000 men have been circumcised against the annual provincial target of 30,000.
He said male circumcision reduces the chances of HIV/AIDS transmission by 60 percent and that it also prevents the spread of the human papilloma virus that causes cervical cancer in women.
Dr Malama said the province will soon start circumcising new-born babies.
He appealed to men who are yet to be circumcised to gather courage and benefit from the service.

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