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Over 60 defilement cases reported in Eastern Province

OVER 60 defilement cases were reported in Eastern Province in 2015, Young Women Christian Association regional coordinator Dorothy Ndhlovu has said.
While 16 defilement cases involving girls aged 13-15 years were recorded during the past one month in Eastern province, and 44 cases of gender-based-violence against men were reported last month.
Speaking in an interview, Ms Ndhlovu said most of the defilement cases were recorded in the villages.
“The number of defilement cases being recorded is worrying and with what we have recorded so far in the last one month, we are likely to see the numbers rise as the year closes,” she said.
Ms Ndhlovu expressed sadness at the rising defilement cases despite the efforts by Government and other stakeholders to curb the vice.
“What is worrying is that with stiffer punishment for perpetrators, we expect people to refrain from the vice but it’s actually the opposite,” she said.
Meanwhile, the association is overwhelmed that men are now reporting cases of GBV they suffer at the hands of their wives.
Ms Ndhlovu described the development as inspiring and that it will further help reduce the vice.
She further thanked traditional leaders in the province for the stance they have taken to fight GBV and child defilement.
Ms Ndhlovu, however, appealed to other traditional leaders to emulate Chief Madzimawe, who is curbing the vice in his chiefdom.

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