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6 reasons for getting into the game


ONE DAY, I was walking in Riverside, Kitwe.
Along the way I met two guys in a heated discussion.
They were basically talking about their taxi driver friends; how they have managed to build homes out of their earnings from the taxis they drive.
They were almost idolising their friends for the achievements they have attained in house construction and other businesses.
When I overheard their conversation many thoughts started going through my mind.
In fact I remembered having come across many stories like that which end up in hero worshipping.
While it is good to acknowledge the achievements of other people, it is not as good to just end there.
Admiring the achievements of others is only half the story. What I mean is that it should just spur you to attain your own goals.
Achievements of other people should just be a source of encouragement, that if they have done it, so can you, and not an end in itself.
Why is it important to get into the game?
Getting into the game helps you to realise the potential God has given you.
Without using the talents that God has endowed you with you cannot do much with your life.
Secondly, instead of always eulogising others, you will be able to make a name for yourself. This will enable you to be eulogised for a change.
Why should it be always you to praise others?
Thirdly, it will put yourself in a position where you will be celebrated. Bear in mind that this cannot happen when you are standing on the sidelines.
Fourthly, getting into the game will help you to have a better understanding of other people’s mistakes. Many people are critical of others simply because they, themselves, are on the sidelines.
If they are given an opportunity to showcase their talents they realise that things are not as easy as they seem.
This helps to change their attitude towards others.
The other point is that it will lead to success because only by taking action can you succeed.
Getting into the game also leads to fulfilment.
When you are using your potential, have seen the list of your achievements and what you have done to improve your lot and that of others, you feel like your life is a purposeful one.
This feeling is what leads to lasting happiness and fulfilment.
However, when you do not get in the game, you become a perpetual cheerleader.
Why always cheering others on, but going nowhere in life? Is this not wasting your valuable time and energy?
Also, you fail to use your potential. This makes you feel guilty of not using your God-given talents.
Ever wanted to know one of the causes of lack of fulfilment in most people’s lives? This is one of them.
Aside from that, you will be unnecessarily critical of others, mainly because of lack of understanding of how things operate.
This will result in bad relationships with others.
At the end of the day you will go absolutely nowhere in life. No one went anywhere in life by being on the sidelines for forever.
Finally, be a participant in your dear life, and not just a spectator.
As American millionaire investor and author Robert Kiyosaki rightly noted, “come out of the sidelines, get in the game”.
The author is a life coach and a motivational speaker.

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